Tax professional Colorado Springs

Not Just Another Tax Professional Colorado Springs

We are so much more than just another tax professional Colorado Springs! While we know it is difficult for most people to wrap our minds around taxes, consider this: WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY AND LESS IRS STRESS & HASSLE! That’s why we are here to help you.

We are a dedicated tax professional Colorado Springs and we can help you if you are having trouble with taxes, or just overall uncertain of what to do in your specific scenario. We are quick on our feet and ready to help you. Don’t get bullied by the IRS simply because they are telling you to do something. Get a tax professional on your side.¬†We would like to highlight some of the recent scenarios we have run into:

Tax Professional Colorado Springs

A client came in with a notice from the State of Colorado showing he owed $11,271. We amended the return filed by his original accountant and got him a refund instead. That was fun! Don’t pay notices from the IRS or any state without having a competent professional review the situation.

-Jon Marple, Tax Professional, Owner Marple Accounting and Tax Resolution

Now this might not be the case every time, but wouldn’t you rather double check rather than taking the IRS’s word for it. Taxes might not be your favorite thing, that’s why we are here to help you when others, or you yourself might have over looked something. Need more information? Feel free to contact us TODAY!